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Practical Mystics' Playground

Who are we?

We are a community for spiritual exploration and human support. 

We are teachers, students, seekers, and explorers who are interested in waking up while learning how to do better for ourselves and our world. 

As we like to say, we do grounded woo ;-) 

You won't find dogma here.  You won't find ads, trolls, or shaming conversations. And, you definitely won't find a kind of spirituality that asks you to be perfect.  

What you will find is a community that values authentic connection, dynamic soul-growth, and learning how to love ourselves and our world a little bit more than yesterday. 

Bring your tears, your laughter,  your weariness, your curiosity, your desire to grow in consciousness... and be sure to also bring a generous dose of playfulness, cause this is a PLAYGROUND!

What's inside?

On The Playground, you will find a variety of teachers, each one offering up a unique way to play together that is both mystical and practical. 

You may join any number of groups, from “Books that Change Us”, to “Occult Geekery,” to the “Don’t Panic Room.”  In each group, you will find guidance, inspiration and support from a heart-centered, high-vibing teacher.

You will have the opportunity to play within a single private group that supports your specific intention, or join them all for a kaleidoscope of soul-adventures. 

Everything is customizable, you get to create how much or how little you play on our Playground. 

Once you join our community, you’ll receive an email to help walk you through our offerings. 

This is your Playground, find what lights you up!

This is for you if:

* Grounded woo sounds good to you!

* You would LOVE to be among like-minded souls, a place that feels like your virtual home for spiritual exploration and human support. 

* You’re over social media, trolls, ads, and divisive &/or shaming conversations. 

* You're seeking comfort and connection amidst the chaos of our current world.

* You want a place where your tears, laughter, and human messiness are welcome.

* You’re over the guru-mentality, and you're ready for more than one teacher, or one teaching. 

What we stand for...

As a community, we stand for generosity towards self and others, ever-expanding compassion, and that which heals and uplifts (according to our belief matrix). We strive to include all bodies, genders, orientations and identities and to cultivate a safe space for inspiration, nourishment and support.  We recognize that no place can be deemed completely "safe" as the context of safety is objective for every body - but we pledge to create a trauma-informed space of inclusivity, sensitivity and respect.  We are committed to unlearning the ways in which systemic racism and inequality have affected our bias. We are committed to doing the inner work that will create the outer change for a more compassionate world. We are willing to take action from that place, as each of us are uniquely called. Lastly, this is a Playground.  We believe in bringing this to you with a generous serving of light and joy, because our joy is (r)evolutionary!

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